Jean-Paul MICHEL

Private Property Estate Manager
Professional status

Private Property Estate Manager - PA - Driver

Bilingual (French and English) hands on Estate Manager with 11 years of experience of estate and garden management in France or abroad (Spain, Egypt, Switzerland and Caribbean).

Project management experience of the complete refurbishment and garden implementation of a Balinese Villa on Mustique Island.

Polite, trustworthy and respectful manager with an eye on detail and the propensity to anticipate needs of principals. Flexible and keen on working long hours when required.

Offer a very good work ethic with patience, discretion and honesty.

PA functions when owners in Residence.

Confident with the following tasks:


-Keep the principals on schedule, attending to their specific needs.

-Handling special requests when needed as private shopping...,

-Booking restaurants, arrange flights, airport runs.

-Computer and Blackberry literate.

-Secretarial duties and private banking operations for the principals.

Staff management

-Recruitment, management, training and overseeing household staff.

-Manage both indoor/outdoor staff to ensure home/garden are immaculate and ready for the principals’ arrival.

Day to day running
-Greet guests, answer the phone, take mesages and handle correspondence.

-Daily walking through the property to ensure everything is perfect.

-Procuring equipment, supplies and services and general errands (including grocery shopping)

-Organize storage spaces and keep house inventories.

Liaising with contractors
-Research, schedule and supervise all contractors.

-Supervise construction/refurbishment projects
-Keep records of all repairs and maintenance works inside/outside.

Finance and administration

-Monitor household budgets and costs

-Approve quotes and pay all invoices.

-Various financial operations for principals (cash withdrawals, Transfer of money from/to their personal account
-Keep bank and petty cash accounts.

-Secretarial duties.

Cars and driving

-Act as chauffeur for principals and family guests (Airport transfers, restaurant, yacht,...)

-Experience in driving luxury cars.

-Drive teens and children to friends/activities. Clean Driving licence.
-Coordinate vehicle maintenance.

-Purchasing, sale or renting of luxury cars for the principals

Maintenance, repairs and DIY

-Various devices confident (TV, satellite, stereo, wifi network, IT,)

-Technically savvy with AC, Heating and alarm systems

-Minor repairs and light DIY


-Provide care for family pets (feed, walk, groomer, vet…)

-Landscaping and gardening expertise (see below)

-Big Pools maintenance (cleaning, sand filters backwashing, Ph and Chl adjustments)


Landscaping and Gardening Expertise

Highly experienced Garden designer and head gardener with a proven expertise in landscaping and gardening under multiple climates as well as experience and knowledge of various styles of garden (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Tropical...).

Confident with the following tasks :

Working with the teams of gardeners to ensure effective execution of the programmes of work

Garden Design:

-Hard and soft landscaping

-Design and Implementation of new garden, new beds, kitchen gardens...

-Design and implementation of the yearly seasonal flowering

-Renovation of ancient gardens

-Photoshop simulations to help to owner’s decision.

Experience of various types of gardens and plants

-Mediterranean , Tropical, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Kitchen gardens, orchards, ponds, cascades, Heathland plants...


-Implementation of the periodical programmes of work

-Day to day tasks: Mowing, trimming, pruning, mulching, planting, weeding,etc...

-Chemicals certification (preferably organic approach)

-Adapting programmes of work to availability of gardening staff and according to seasonal conditions

-Keeping books of daily activities

Management of garden staff

Working with the garden teams to ensure effective execution of the programmes of work.

Recruitment, management and training of gardeners.


-Use of garden machinery (tractors and trailers, mowers, ride on mowers, green mowers, scarifier, green coring machine (aerating), trimmers, hedge cutters, sprayers, spreaders, chainsaws...)

-Basic maintenance of light garden power tools and mowers (adjustment and sharpening of blades)


-Yearly programmes of maintenance including necessary chemicals and fertilizations as well as special operations (scarification, coring, sanding, dressing, seedling...)

-Implementation of new lawn (seedling or turf)

-Ornamental mowing with green mowers


-Management and maintenance of large automatic watering system (up to 100 lines).

-Changing and adjustment of sprinklers and sprayheads

-Use of complex programmers and weather stations

-Knowledge of and irrigation software

-Seasonal adjustment of the irrigation based on the ET.


-Trimming of various fruit trees, citrus trees, olive trees, palmtrees, cypres...

-Trimming of all kind of shrubs and climbing plants.

-Trimming of balls of Pittosporum (Topiaries used in Mediterranean gardens)

Budgets/ expenses

-Management of garden budget

-Purchasing of necessary plants, chemicals, fertilizers and garden tools

Jean-Paul MICHEL

  • Looking for new challenge

  • Open to opportunities.